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Israel at War: Hear from Impacted Believers Near the Gaza Border

Israel caught by surprise. The invasion came by land, sea, and air. Bulldozers punched through the border wall making openings for fleets of terrorists on motorcycles racing to small towns…
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What San Bernardino Needs Most

SAN BERNARDINO – The youngest was 26. The oldest, 60. One man a father of 6, known for reaching out to strangers at supermarket check-out lines. But there was also…
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A Christian Response to Violence in Paris

In the wake of the violence that took place in Paris, Charles Morris speaks about how Christ still reigns—even when bad things happen.
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On the Ground in Northern Iraq

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic Ten miles from ISIS above the plains of ancient Nineveh, a Chaldean pastor prays the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic—the language Jesus spoke over 2,000 years…
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A Christian Response to the ISIS Refugee Crisis

Between the civil war in Syria and the advance of ISIS in the Middle East, 14 million people have been forced to flee their homes—more than half of them children.…
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3 Ways to Pray For Refugee Relief

When people are suffering on the other side of the world, it’s often easy to feel like we are powerless to help. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.…
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Nepal: 3 Ways to Respond

The death toll in Nepal has risen above 8,000. Tens of thousands more are wounded. And Millions are struggling to survive and rebuild. This is one of the worst disasters…
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Christian Survivors in Nepal

UPDATE 05/12/2015: Another massive earthquake struck Nepal last night as the country was still recovering from the one that hit on April 25. This second 7.3 magnitude quake led to…
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How to Respond to Ebola

No end in sight. Ebola’s outbreak in West Africa is accelerating. “Last week we diagnosed more new cases than the previous four weeks,” reports Dr. John Fankhauser by phone from…
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The Messy Truth About Ebola

Ebola takes center stage this week on HAVEN Today as we begin breaking coverage of this deadly disease that is still spreading. Over the past few months, thousands have died…
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