Jewish High Holy Days podcast
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Messianic Jews on Finding Jesus in the Jewish High Holy Days

The Jewish High Holy Days begin at sundown mid-September with Rosh Hashanah commemorating God’s creation of man. Faithful Jews often greet each other by saying “L’shanah tovah,” which means “for…
Jesus Sight & Sound
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Jesus: Sight & Sound – The Heart of the Story

Any time the gospel story is retold on film or stage, the question at the heart of the story is always the same: What did Jesus come to do? Depending…
Melissa Kruger podcast image

Melissa Kruger Wants You to Pray for Your Children

Most online lists covering what children need most include things like education, good health, and self-esteem. These are all good, but something’s missing . . . prayer. Yet when it…

A Story of Faith and Love During World War II

In Europe during WWII, Ray Whipps served as an infantryman under General Patton in the trenches of Normandy, Paris, and Belgium. Betty was a field nurse in Cherbourg, France. After…
Louis Zamperini, young and old

Louis Zamperini In His Own Words

A lesser man would have broken. Louis Zamperini was already a national hero as an olympic athlete, but then his bomber went down in WWII, leaving him adrift for 47…
Malcolm Guite, Poetry Podcast

Malcolm Guite on the Importance of Poetry in the Life of the Believer

When was the last time you sat down to read a sonnet? Many of us love a good poem, but poetry is rarely ever a significant part of our lives…
Jeremiah, Rembrandt
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Jeremiah 101: 3 Lessons from The Weeping Prophet

More than 100 people have died in Maui from the most devastating U.S. wildfire in the last century. A once thriving village is reduced to ashes, leaving many more residents…

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Amish Stories, Charles Morris and Jacob Dienner

Amish Stories of Grace: Finding Jesus in Lancaster County

The Amish way of life has captured the imaginations of TV viewers and novel readers for decades. The romantic ideal of simple living within one’s own community is attractive, but…
Charles and Janet Morris

Charles & Janet Morris on Finding Courage When Death Rescued Their Son

It’s the nightmare call every parent fears. For Charles and Janet Morris, the news of their son’s death came on a late Summer night in 2003. Nearly five years later,…
Revival, Haven of Rest Quartet, Billy Graham
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A Legacy of Revival

1934 WAS A HARD YEAR FOR MANY … the Great Depression had set in, the Dust Bowl was impacting my relatives in Oklahoma, and there were early signs of WWII…
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