Max McLean Gives C.S. Lewis A Voice for Today

C.S. Lewis is arguably one of the most quoted individuals from the 20th century. Despite passing away 60 years ago, his thoughts remain timeless. His books, essays, and children’s stories…
Charles Morris and David Wollen, Tribute Podcast

Crossing the Finish Line: A Tribute to Charles Morris

Charles Morris took over as speaker and president of the historic Haven of Rest radio broadcast at the turn of the millennium. For a quarter century, Charles has often quoted…
Gen Z and Millennials discuss what they wish their parents knew about their faith

What Gen Z & Millennials Wish Their Parents Knew About Their Faith

Many are worried about the next generation. Will Gen Z and Millennials follow Jesus? And how do we pray for them? On today’s episode of the Great Stories Podcast, David…
Prayer Warrior Hands

Horst Fiebig on What it Means to be a Prayer Warrior

You see them in every church. You might have one in your family. You may even be one yourself. A prayer warrior is a faithful saint who lifts the needs…
Alister McGrath on C.S. Lewis turn from Atheism to Christianity

Alister McGrath on C.S. Lewis’ Transition from Atheism to Christianity

Originally recorded in 2013, 50 years after the death of C.S. Lewis, Charles Morris had a conversation with Dr. Alister McGrath to shed new light on the most famous atheist-turned-Christian…
Lee Strobel Preaching

Lee Strobel: The Story Behind ‘The Case for Christ’

Can evidence and faith go hand-in-hand? When Lee Strobel was an award-winning journalist for the Chicago Tribune, he would have said ‘no.’ This idea led him down a path to…
Russell Berger Ingerview

Russell Berger on Faith After Atheism

An atheist-turned-Christian, Russell Berger has walked the opposite path that we’re seeing so many young people take today. Whether that’s turning their backs on Christianity for good or adopting a…
Alisa Childers podcast interview

Alisa Childers on the Perils of Deconstruction and Postmodern Theology

Alisa Childers is a former CCM recording artist with the Dove award-winning group ZOEgirl. But once she came off the road in her mid-thirties, she suffered a crisis of faith.…
Brandon Kimber Deconstructs the Prosperity Gospel

Brandon Kimber Deconstructs Progressive Christianity

Scripture has been interpreted many different ways over the years, but how can you tell the difference between false gospels and the one Jesus lived and taught? On today’s episode…
Christian parents discipling children

Christian Parents Share Their Favorite Ways to Lead Their Children to Jesus

How can Christian parents and grandparents hope to disciple their children amid the struggles of everyday life? Even more, how can we use these often chaotic moments as golden opportunities…
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