Dennis Johnson on How All the Bible is All About Jesus

How can all the Bible be all about Jesus when His name doesn’t explicitly appear till the New Testament? From Genesis to Leviticus to Esther, it may be hard to see Jesus on the surface of every page, but he’s there—in profound and subtle ways.

Dr. Dennis Johnson is a scholar and one of the founding faculty members of Westminster Seminary in California. Today, he joins David Wollen to discuss a christocentric approach to reading and studying God’s Word.

If you are new to this way of reading the Bible, we encourage you to be patient. It may take some time to learn to see Jesus on every page, but it’s important and worth the effort. Because this is not merely a hermeneutical trick of smoke and mirrors … it’s the way Jesus himself taught his disciples to study and teach the Scriptures.

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Christ In All The Scriptures

Haven is excited to announce their newly published book! It was written to help you read and pray through all of Scripture — with the eyes of your heart fixed on Jesus!

Christ in All the Scriptures: Reading and Praying Through the Bible in a Year is a 264-page resource written with you in mind and is the first of its kind from Haven. This easy‑to‑navigate book contains overviews of each book in the Bible and prayers centered on each reading. It helps you see more of Jesus on every page of your Bible … and that, in turn, will help draw you nearer to Christ as you engage with Him through the Word.

  • 66 Contextual Book Summaries
  • Guided Prayers
  • 365 Daily Readings
  • Ribbon Bookmark
  • Clothbound

You can use it to help you read the Bible in a year — with a reading for each week — or as a reference to pray through the Scriptures at whatever pace and place in Scripture you are reading God’s Word.

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