Unplanned (DVD)

Unplanned brings us an eye-opening look inside the abortion industry through one woman’s inspiring true story of transformation.

Sing! In Christ Alone

Recorded LIVE at the Sing! In Christ Alone conference 2021 in Nashville, TN, the album features collaborations with many top artists.

Aid For Ukraine

Haven Ministries is partnering with Mission Eurasia to provide immediate aid for Ukraine through mobilized volunteers and meal kits. Will you help?

Sing the Bible Set (Vol 1, 2, 3, & 4)

Slugs & Bugs has applied its unique blend of sincerity and silliness to songs filled with lyrics straight from Scripture.

Sing the Bible Vol 4

Sing the Bible Vol. 4 offers an upbeat and catchy collection of 13 scripture songs (including 26 verses!) that are centered around following Jesus with our lives.  

Resurrection (DVD)

Shot on location, Resurrection presents the essence of N.T. Wright’s thinking on the most important event in the Gospels.

Meet The Speaker

Charles Morris

Charles had been asking the Lord to use his journalism background and communication skills for the Kingdom when the phone rang in early 2000 and he was asked to become the fourth speaker on an 80-year-old Christian radio program based in Los Angeles called Haven Today.

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Anchor Devotional

Prophetic Hope

Sunday / May 22nd 2022

The Old Testament prophetic books reveal that God’s people had earned their exile, but that One would come who would bring them (and us!) back home to be with the Lord. Hosea uses particularly beautiful language to paint this picture. God’s people are like the prostitute Gomer in their persistent faithlessness. But God, like His servant Hosea, betroths His unfaithful bride, washing us with His own blood.  If you w…

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Featured Blog Post

Chuck Colson on Going from Watergate Felon to Born Again Christian

Wednesday / May 18th 2022

Almost 50 years ago, to avoid impeachment, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States. At that same time the former legal counsel to Richard Nixon had already gone to jail for his participation in the Watergate scandal. His name was Chuck Colson, and this is exactly what the Lord used to bring him to faith in Jesus Christ. In this episode of the Great Stories podcast, Chalres Morris returns to a classic conversation…

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