The best full-length interviews from Haven Today with Charles Morris to deepen your walk with Christ in light of what’s happening in the world.


Charles Morris is a secular journalist turned Christian radio host for the internationally syndicated program Haven Today. The Great Stories podcast takes some of his favorite conversations from the daily program and presents the full-length interview here with never-before heard segments. Each episode includes featured guests who come from a variety of backgrounds, including bestselling authors, scholars, musicians, and everyday Christians. No matter who Charles is talking with, this podcast is a must-listen for those wanting a deeper relationship with Christ in light of what’s happening in the world.


  • #10: Paul Miller On How to Love Like Jesus in Divisive Times January 13, 2021
    As 2021 began, many of us hoped this year would be better than the last. But it hasn’t started off the way we hoped. With the chaos at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and the FBI’s warning of more possible insurrections on Inauguration Day, it seems our divisive times are here to stay. With […]
  • #9: Ted Cooper: How Reading the Bible in 90 Days Led Him from Agnosticism to Faith January 6, 2021
    Ted Cooper was an agnostic who decided to put the claims of Christianity to the test by doing what so many have tried and failed to do—read the Bible all the way through. Knowing how many who attempt Bible reading plans often abandon their goal, he devised an ambitious, yet doable plan to make it […]
  • #8: David Suchet Reflects on His Acting Career and Encountering Christ Late in Life December 30, 2020
    David Suchet is a British actor known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and captivating portrayal of Agatha Christie’s Inspector Hercule Poirot. But there’s something else that’s even more important to him than his stellar acting career—Jesus.In this episode, David Suchet talks about encountering Christ late in life, how he approaches acting as […]
  • #7: Veiled in Flesh: The Haven Today Christmas Special December 23, 2020
    What comes to mind when you think about God? It’s hard to fathom someone who is infinite, all-powerful, and in all places at once. But on that first Christmas, God became veiled in flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. In today’s special Christmas episode, Charles Morris reflects on this Christ of Christmas and what […]
  • #6: The Forgotten "Spirit" of Christmas (Feat. Laura Story and Costi Hinn) December 16, 2020
    On today's episode, Charles Morris talks about someone who was a significant part of the first Christmas, but who often overlooked—the Holy Spirit. The arrival of Jesus is the “main event,” but none of it would have been possible without the third person of the Trinity. Today, we're going behind the scenes of the typical […]

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