Max McLean Gives C.S. Lewis A Voice for Today

C.S. Lewis is arguably one of the most quoted individuals from the 20th century. Despite passing away 60 years ago, his thoughts remain timeless. His books, essays, and children’s stories continue to resonate, offering prescient insights even in today’s world. As a brilliant intellectual, Lewis’s apologetic approach to the truth claims of Christ and the Gospel has helped countless people find faith.

It’s surprising to learn that C.S. Lewis, by his own admission, fought vehemently against becoming a Christian. His unwavering commitment to academic and intellectual integrity compelled him to continually reexamine the truth claims of the Bible. Inch by inch, he drew closer until finally, he became a Christian, describing himself as “the most reluctant convert.”

In this episode of Great Stories, we welcome award-winning actor Max McLean, who portrays C.S. Lewis in the film “The Most Reluctant Convert.” Max will share his experience making this incredible movie, which chronicles Lewis’s journey from atheism to becoming a follower of Christ. It’s a powerful story you need to hear, reminding us that no one is beyond the reach of Jesus.

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The Most Reluctant Convert (DVD)

Experience C.S. Lewis’ profound journey from vigorous debunker of Christianity to become, as he said, “the most reluctant convert in all England.”The Most Reluctant Convert

Through Max McLean’s detailed and masterful performance, Lewis’ story of grief, loss and redemption comes to life on screen in his own magnificent words. Whether you are young in your faith or have been following Jesus most of your life, The Most Reluctant Convert is a much needed reminder that the Gospel never stops working.

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