C.S. Lewis: The Friendly Apologist

Over 2 million books were published in the United States during the 20th century. Most of those books have been forgotten, yet some have stood the test of time. The writings of novelist, theologian, and apologist C.S. Lewis stand out prominently among them.

Most know him for The Chronicles of Narnia. These books have resonated with so many people, young and old, Christians and non-Christians alike.

The story of Narnia is not just another fantasy story. There are rich biblical truths to be found throughout the series. Like in the stunning creation scene from The Magician’s Nephew, or when Aslan removes Eustace’s dragon scales in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The stories were meant to point us to the transforming power that is found in the true lion of the tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ.

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But there is another side: Lewis the friendly Christian apologist. As an apologist, Lewis went to great lengths to share his conversion story and to defend the truth of the Christian faith.

Lewis knew the gospel sounded too good to be true, so he presented a question that could change the trajectory of any conversation: What if it is true? What if Jesus did truly live, die, and rise again? Well, this would change the whole world!

C.S. Lewis had the uncanny ability to make even skeptics wish Christianity were true. Then he provided convincing reasons for why it must be true. It’s a compelling way of sharing the faith, which continues to inspire theologians today. People like the late pastor in New York City, Tim Keller, were greatly shaped by Lewis the apologist.

Lewis’ winsome approach is still a great way to share Jesus with our neighbors. It’s one reason why so many continue to read his books now over a half-century after his death. It’s also why I’ve been talking about Lewis and his legacy all week on the daily Haven Today radio broadcast.

For me, it is a joy to dive into the mind of C.S. Lewis. He was a clear communicator, and I think hearing his story will help any of us better share Jesus with others. I hope you’ll listen in to this week’s series here, where I also look at what you might call “friendship apologetics.”

This series is also interacting with the unlikely conversion of C.S. Lewis captured in the film The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis. This movie is unique. It traces Lewis’ move from a bold atheism to a bold Christian faith. Max McLean plays an older Lewis reflecting on how God worked on his heart to not only bring him to faith, but to also become a great apologist for Christ.

For your gift to this listener-supported ministry, sending this DVD is our way of saying “thank you” for supporting Haven. This film is sure to inspire your walk with Christ and help you share your faith with friends and family.


President of Haven Ministries since November 2023, David Wollen is the host of the daily Haven Today radio broadcast. He resides in the greater Chicago area with his wife, Marci, and their three children. They are active leaders in their church where David serves as an elder and part of the preaching team, and Marci leads women’s ministries. David is passionate about teaching God’s Word with God’s heart. He sees this as synonymous with Haven’s longtime tagline: “Telling the Great Story … it’s all about Jesus!”

The Most Reluctant Convert (DVD)

Experience C.S. Lewis’ profound journey from vigorous debunker of Christianity to become, as he said, “the most reluctant convert in all England.”The Most Reluctant Convert

Through Max McLean’s detailed and masterful performance, Lewis’ story of grief, loss, and redemption comes to life on screen in his own magnificent words. Whether you are young in your faith or have been following Jesus most of your life, The Most Reluctant Convert is a much-needed reminder that the Gospel never stops working.

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