Finding Hope in the Middle of Depression with Christine Chappell

Recent polls show that nearly a third living in the United States today are struggling with depression. This doesn’t account for those suffering silently. Surely the number is even higher. And, experts say, it’s women who have the higher prevalence of depression—due to a variety of social and biological factors.

On today’s episode of the Great Stories Podcast, David Wollen talks with Christine Chappell. She’s an author, a biblical counselor, and a podcaster, and a mother. But she was shocked a few years ago to find herself battling depression even when life seemed to be going well. On this episode, Christine shares her story and what she learned about how Jesus draws near to those who are struggling with depression and all sorts of mental health issues.

Midnight Mercies: Walking with God through Depression in Motherhood

Are you a mother who feels stuck in depression?

You’re not the only Christian woman who knows what this darkness is like. When feelings of hopelessness, weariness, sadness, anger, anxiety, shame, and loneliness feel impossible to bear, it can seem like God is nowhere to be found. But there’s more to the story than you can presently perceive.

Biblical counselor Christine Chappell has walked these dark paths herself―and she wants to help mothers see God’s heart for you more clearly as you endure sorrow and pain. As Christine recounts her own midnight journey through depression and explores stories of desperate sufferers who experienced God’s mercy in the Scriptures, she shows how God meets us in our despair and helps us toward his light―one step at a time.


  • Julia Woolard says:

    My husband and I have a male friend whose past transgressions are taking over his life. He is a Christian, but is carrying a load of sin. Is there a book you can recommend that may help him? This book is clearly referencing females as the audience.

    • Grace Cortez says:

      Hi Julia, we are so sorry to hear about your friend. We will be praying for him. We recommend the book Spurgeon’s Sorrows. It is a great resource for those struggling with depression.

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