Fernando Ortega Wants You to Slow Down and Worship

Too many of us live each day under the tyranny of the urgent. Not only is this frenetic pace of the 21st century unsustainable, it’s not the way God intended you to live.

On today’s episode, Fernando Ortega makes the case for slowing things down and making time for God in our daily lives, how he wrote a song for Billy Graham, and what went into creating an album full of ancient Christian hymns.

If you’ve ever heard him sing, you know the sound of his voice is unmistakable. Here, he talks about how worship is more than what we sing on Sunday. It’s a way of life that happens ever day. The question is, who — or what — do you worship?

Going Deeper:

  • Learn about a project Fernando Ortega contributed to and here a sample when on this blog about The First Christian Songbook.
  • Discover how you can worship with the early church with the Odes Project and hear how new life has been breathed into these first century hymns.
  • Click here to learn more about the album mentioned in this interview.

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  • Dan Agustin says:

    Thanks God for the unearthing the Odes! Truly it will invigorate our worship!

  • Ed Rekers says:

    Thank you for sharing this conversation you had with Fernando Ortega, Charles Morris. As a musician, singer/songwriter, past church music ministry leader, and dad myself- I can relate to and appreciate all that Fernando shared in his talk with you. Many blessings to you, Charles. God has sure used you to glorify Jesus.

  • Martin says:

    Fernando Ortega is a true inspiration. His music reveals pure genius and must be inspired by God. Thank you, Fernando, for showing us how to worship.

  • Julie Poe says:

    Fern’s music has a sweet depth to it. I have listened to his music when in a cave of darkness. He cares more about glorifying the Lord than attention to himself.His music soothes my hurting soul. The quiet notes calms my beating heart and reminds me God cares.

  • Barbara A Ramirez says:

    Really liked hearing your songs heard it on Haven Today a couple months ago, and how your give him the Glory being that you are a Praise Director and how you wrote a song to your daughter RUBY . God Bless and keep up the Good work , I know I am Blessed by your songs.

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