Fernando Ortega Shares His Favorite Christmas Songs

The Christmas season is here. Whether you’re planning your family get-together, buying gifts, or simply reflecting on Christ’s incarnation, there is no doubt we are in a season of anticipation. And one of the best ways to help us get in the spirit of anticipating the Messiah every year is through the music of Christmas.

This is what Charles Morris and singer-songwriter Fernando Ortega talk about in a new interview. In this episode of the Great Stories podcast, you’ll hear about the significance behind some powerful Christmas songs, what Christmas was like for Fernando growing up in New Mexico, and what it is about the advent season that so powerfully draws us nearer to Christ. You’ll also hear some segments from Fernando’s Christmas Songs album.

We pray this conversation will help you prepare your heart for the Messiah this Christmas.

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  • Linda Adams says:

    Truly an all time favorite guest, Fernando Ortega! His CD’s of beautiful , gospel rich worship music is always in my car. Thank you for this great up close interview!

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