Israel at War: Hear from Impacted Believers Near the Gaza Border

Israel caught by surprise. The invasion came by land, sea, and air. Bulldozers punched through the border wall making openings for fleets of terrorists on motorcycles racing to small towns along the Gaza Strip. Terrorists paragliding across, others landing by small high-speed boats. One person described it as a sea of bodies — those randomly shot and killed along the way. Hamas snatching the old, the young, the disabled, carting them back to Gaza as hostages, parading them through streets filled with cheers.

In this new episode of the Great Stories Podcast, you will first hear from pastor’s wife Esther Zadok near the Gaza Border. During the conversation recorded less than 24 hours after the invasion began, she kept receiving messages from members of their church — including a marine being called up for duty and a young family who endured 15 hours in their safe room/bomb shelter as Hamas repeatedly tried to break through.

Later in the episode, you’ll hear from Director of Jews for Jesus Eli Birnbaum, as well as Darya Short, a tour guide who had to help her international tour find safety in the midst of the attack.

Israel Relief, Jews for JesusHelp + Hope for Israel

Haven Ministries is partnering with Jews for Jesus, the largest Christian ministry operating in Israel, who is responding to the crisis quickly by providing food, blankets, clothing, toiletries to those displaced by the invasion — all in the name of the Messiah.

There is a great spiritual and physical need in Israel. Would you be as generous as you can to help share the gospel and aid for those suffering in Israel?

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