Holy Land Briefing with Charles Morris and Jews for Jesus

Charles Morris recently hosted a live Zoom Holy Land briefing with the President of Jews for Jesus, David Brickner, and their country director, Eli Birnbaum, in Tel Aviv.

On the call, they discussed recent events like the attack by Hamas in Israel and the hospital bombing in Gaza. They also talked about how Jews for Jesus is helping displaced people with both physical needs as well as ways they are sharing the gospel in Israel.

Israel Relief, Jews for JesusHelp + Hope the Holy Land

Israel is at war. After Hamas led an unprecedented assault by air, sea, and land, the death toll is rising. As the battle intensifies, families are fighting for their lives.

In response to this humanitarian crisis, Haven Ministries is partnering with the largest Christian ministry in Israel, Jews for Jesus. They are uniquely equipped to not only minister to survivors caught in the conflict by praying and distributing New Testaments, but also to immediately provide clothes, toiletries, and other supplies. Jews for Jesus is on the ground making themselves available to the various needs of the people of Israel as the situation continues to develop.

There is a great spiritual and physical need in Israel. Would you be as generous as you can to help share the gospel and aid for those suffering in Israel?

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