Ted Staunton: How An Actor Brings Scripture to Life Through Dramatic Reading

What would it be like if a classically trained actor approached Scripture reading in the same way he would Hamlet or Macbeth? The result is soul stirring. And it’s exactly what Ted Staunton did to ten of the most dramatic stories of deliverance found in the Old Testament.

Bringing decades of experience from the stage to a brand new Haven-produced project called Experience the Old Testament: 10 Stories of Deliverance, Ted focuses on something he loves more dearly than any of his previous scripts: God’s Word. On today’s episode of the Great Stories podcast, he discusses how he approached this unique project, what it means to him, and why reading Scripture aloud is one of the most powerful ways to experience the Word of God.

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  • Ever since Charles Morris heard Ted recite some of the book of Daniel at a picnic, he knew we needed to produce a special recording of Old Testament passages. We’re happy to report that project is complete. Get your copy of Experience the Old Testament: 10 Stories of Deliverance today!
  • Learn more about the Bible stories Ted brings to life when you join him and Charles for the full radio series where this interview first appeared. Listen here.

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