The Messy Truth About Ebola

Ebola takes center stage this week on HAVEN Today as we begin breaking coverage of this deadly disease that is still spreading. Over the past few months, thousands have died from Ebola in West Africa. Now, isolated cases are appearing in North America.

Without treatment, the disease is likely fatal, but even with treatment, chances of survival are less than 50%. Unlike the Ebola outbreaks that have occured since its discovery in 1976, the current epidemic that began in West Africa is affecting large cities instead of villages that are more easily contained.

Learn what this infection really is, how it’s contracted, and how can be treated.

Why we have hope

In partnership at the leading hospital in Liberia, two Christian organizations are leading the charge.

Samaritan’s Purse

  • Hygiene Kit for Home-Care: There simply aren’t enough hospital beds, forcing most cases to be treated in home. These kits allow family members to safely care for the infected. ($62 per kit)
  • Community Care Centers: There isn’t enough time to build hospitals. In outlying areas, 15 Community Care Centers are being built to care for patients. ($80 per patient per day)

SIM (Elwa Hospital, Liberia)

  • Doctors and Nursing Staff:  SIM owns and runs the only functioning hospital in Liberia. In addition to treating Ebola patients, they are now the only place people can go to have a baby or get emergency treatment. ($1,500 per day for medical staff)
  • Disposable Medical Supplies:  Because Ebola is highly contagious, every material that even touches a potentially infected patient must be incinerated after one-time use. [examples: mattress cover ($7.50/ea), protective suit ($4.00/ea), rubber apron ($10)]

Haven Ministries’ commitment is that every dime you give to Ebola Aid for West Africa will be sent to Samaritan’s Purse and SIM. As you give please pray for the Lord to save lives and bring an end to the Ebola outbreak.

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