How to Respond to Ebola

No end in sight. Ebola’s outbreak in West Africa is accelerating.

“Last week we diagnosed more new cases than the previous four weeks,” reports Dr. John Fankhauser by phone from ELWA Hospital, Liberia, where the second wave of the Ebola outbreak has claimed thousands of lives already.

The fatality rate now at 70%, Ebola is exhausting ELWA’s resources and pushing it’s medical team to the breaking point. Staffed by a team of Christian doctors and nurses from SIM (Service in Mission) and Samaritan’s Purse, this respected hospital continues to lead the fight against Ebola.

Two fascinating and heart-warming videos from Christians fighting Ebola on the front lines in West Africa:

With a shortage of beds and space to quarantine patients, the ELWA team converted their chapel into an Ebola treatment center where medical workers must cover every inch of skin with sealed protective suits before treating patients.

Every incoming patient who might have Ebola is treated as if they are infected until receiving their diagnosis. And every trace of bodily fluid must be contained and sterilized with chlorine or incinerated. Disposable materials can only be used once; everything from sheets to blood pressure cuffs must be destroyed after use.

As Dr. Fankhauser reported to HAVEN Today on October 27, “The needs here are immense, beyond what you can imagine.”

God has saved the lives of many already through the efforts of Christians at ELWA. As patients enter care, teams of physicians and volunteers gather to pray over them, and often with them. Many patients are willing to be prayed for around their bedside, encouraged with the hope of the gospel.

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