Tyler Van Halteren and Charles Morris

Tyler Van Halteren on Sharing God’s Word with Children

There’s no shortage of kingdoms in children’s movies and books, and yet all of them pale in comparison to the Kingdom of God. But then why is it so often…
Kingdom of God Bible Storybook, Tyler Van Halteren, Moses
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The Story Behind the Kingdom of God Bible Storybook

From beginning to end, the Bible tells one unified story, written over thousands of years in sixty-six books. At the center of this greatest of all stories is the kingdom…
Phil Vischer and Sally Lloyd-Jones talk Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with Phil Vischer and Sally-Lloyd Jones

As we prepare for another Thanksgiving in the US, Charles Morris is returning to two conversations he had with two special people who have done tremendous work in helping children…
Andrae Crouch Interview

Andraé Crouch: Stories and Songs from the Father of Modern American Gospel Music

You may not know his name but you’ve definitely heard and sung along to his music. Known as the father of modern gospel, Andraé Crouch won seven grammies and had a…
Johnny Cash Trailer
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Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon – Watch the Trailer

Sinners thought Johnny Cash was a saint, saints thought Johnny was a sinner, but, in reality, he was both. Just like us, he was flawed; he blew it, he fell,…
Jon Erwin, Filming

Jon Erwin on Faith, His Movies, and the Future of Christian Filmmaking

Jon Erwin is 1/2 of the Erwin Brothers, a two-person team of Christian Filmmakers committed to telling profound and Christ-honoring stories in cinema. You may have seen one of their…
Ted Staunton, stage

Ted Staunton: How An Actor Brings Scripture to Life Through Dramatic Reading

What would it be like if a classically trained actor approached Scripture reading in the same way he would Hamlet or Macbeth? The result is soul stirring. And it’s exactly…

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Holy Land Update, Israel at War
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Holy Land Briefing with Charles Morris and Jews for Jesus

Charles Morris recently hosted a live Zoom Holy Land briefing with the President of Jews for Jesus, David Brickner, and their country director, Eli Birnbaum, in Tel Aviv. On the…
Israel at War, shelter in hebrew

Israel at War: Hear from Impacted Believers Near the Gaza Border

Israel caught by surprise. The invasion came by land, sea, and air. Bulldozers punched through the border wall making openings for fleets of terrorists on motorcycles racing to small towns…
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3 Passages To Meditate On When Life Is Challenging

Seasons filled with challenges of various kinds are inevitable. But that shouldn’t leave us discouraged or even full of fear when these seasons come. As believers, you and I can hang onto…
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