First Mate Bob

First Mate Bob Tells the Story Behind the Haven of Rest

It all started on an early foggy morning in 1934, when Paul Myers, a former Los Angeles radio personality and station manager of leading radio stations woke up near a…
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Haven Ministries 90th Anniversary Celebration

Did you know that Haven Ministries is celebrating 90 incredible years of ministry? If you missed our live 90th anniversary celebration, no worries! You can catch all the highlights and…
David Sunday, Podcast Seeing Jesus in the Psalms

David Sunday on Seeing Jesus in the Psalms

God speaks powerfully through the books of the Bible. This is especially true in the Psalms. Not only does it include words to help us express our deepest thoughts and…
David and Jesus in Old Testament
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Searching for Jesus in the Old Testament

Give me faith like Daniel, hope like Moses, and a heart like David. If you grew up attending Sunday School, this may have been the way you were taught to…
Dennis Johnson interview

Dennis Johnson on How All the Bible is All About Jesus

How can all the Bible be all about Jesus when His name doesn’t explicitly appear till the New Testament? From Genesis to Leviticus to Esther, it may be hard to…
How to Respond to Sexual Abuse in the Church
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How to Respond to Reports of Sexual Abuse

Last week, Haven Today featured interviews with Julie Lowe, author of Safeguards, as well as other parents and caregivers who care deeply about the safety and development of children. One…

Julie Lowe on How to Shield our Homes and Equip our Kids

The data is clear. Our world and culture are shaping our kids in ways that are often difficult to detect. For parents and grandparents, the natural reaction might be to…

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David Wollen and Charles Morris share a brief history of Haven Ministries
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A Brief History of Haven Ministries

David Wollen and Charles Morris met up recently to look back on how the Lord has led and sustained Haven’s gospel-focused ministry for 90 years. In this video that features…
C.S. Lewis, Importance of Friendship, Joseph Kohm Podcast

Joseph Kohm on the Importance of Friendship for C.S. Lewis

A lot has been said about C.S. Lewis the writer, the professor, the theologian, the apologist. But what about C.S. Lewis the friend? Joseph Kohm has written extensively about the…
C.S. Lewis, friendly apologist
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C.S. Lewis: The Friendly Apologist

Over 2 million books were published in the United States during the 20th century. Most of those books have been forgotten, yet some have stood the test of time. The…
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