Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

A classically trained baritone singer, Jubilant Sykes is first and foremost a follower of Christ. In this episode of the Great Stories podcast, you’ll hear Sykes talk about some of the challenges he’s faced singing spirituals and hymns in secular spaces. He also talks about his upbringing, his faith in Christ, and the power that sacred music has—even in a room full of unbelievers. You’ll also get to listen in on some samples of  his music, including “Were You There” and “Deep River.”

In a special Easter edition of the Great Stories podcast, we’re digging deep in our interview archives to share this 2006 conversation Charles Morris had with Metropolitan Opera singer Jubilant Sykes at his home in Southern California. We hope it’s a blessing to you as you prepare your heart to celebrate Christ’s resurrection this Sunday.

More from Jubilant Sykes

  • In 2014, Sykes performed in the feature film “Freedom.” Here, he sings a rendition of one of the most beloved spirituals and haunting African American spirituals.

  • Also featured in the podcast, “Where You There” is an appropriate song for each of us to hear and reflect on as we approach Easter.

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