Dr. N.T. Wright: Did the Resurrection Really Happen?

The most startling claim of Christianity is that Jesus rose from the dead after being brutally executed on a Roman cross two thousand years ago. Could it possibly be true? And if it were, what difference could it make to us today? Dr. N.T. Wright, a leading New Testament Scholar and retired Anglican Bishop, joins Charles Morris to answer these questions on a special Easter episode of the Great Stories podcast.

In this conversation about the historical resurrection of Christ, you’ll hear one of the best explanations for why we can be certain Jesus really rose from the dead and why that matters today.

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  • Marilyn says:

    The conversation of Charles and N. T. Wright I did not listen to because it was under BLOG, I thought it was a printed ‘blog’ and then had people’s responses, which was what I was looking for.

    I have concerns with the guest – N. T. Wright’s ‘theology’ as it comes out in his writings(Books). I have not personally read a book of his, as I am very careful to research an author before I subject myself to what he has written. In other words, I want to know his theology, before I read what he says… where he is coming from, his stance of the core Christian doctrines. Such as what his view is of Scripture, of Christ, what he teaches of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And from what I have found of trusted sources that have carefully reviewed what he has written, and then wrote very extensively and specifically of their findings, I have come to believe he is of a ‘different’, unorthodox view of many of the core doctrines of the Christian historical faith. So, while I was in my car around Easter hearing on the radio Haven’s program with N. T. Wright, I was very concerned to say the least. I have appreciated and been connected, not so much regularly of late, but whenever I have heard a radio broadcast in the car… I have been encouraged many times. I have given support in the past as well, by prayer for the ministry and financially at times. I want to mention the most recent encouragement and how it has evolved for me – back in August 2021, I happen to catch the end of a program with Aaron House and his ministry, Piercing the Word. Hearing Charles Morris’s interview with him, and Aaron’s passion for memorizing I was excited, here was a young man after my own heart, is what I thought. I don’t have internet at home so it was a few days later, at the library, that I was able to find this ministry website online, and sent a message to Aaron. I have had a pursuit to memorize the Book of Romans for many years, Vicki Bowker(past Canadian host with her husband Holden) knows of this, as I had told her one time when I called Haven Canada. Without having anyone in my area that would encourage me in this, most of my connections were responding with a surprise of such a pursuit but not affirming to me. Anyways, Aaron actually called and left me a message on my home phone, and later when I called him back we had a wonderful time on the phone. He was so affirming to me, with saying, yes, Marilyn, you can do this, its not an impossible dream. He connected me with a lady in Pennsylvania, and we check each other’s memorizing weekly, have been since October 2021. I now can recite Romans chapter 1 through to chapter 14:23! I am soooooo grateful to Haven for this, as it never would of happened had you not had Aaron on as a guest. I know it was the Lord who orchestrated all the details, but I am acknowledging Haven’s part in all that. So, it was with great sadness when I heard you had approved N. T. Wright as a guest on your radio programs. I did call and convey my concerns with Richard, at Haven Canada’s office. And have even sent an email to him with ‘specifics’ that he indicated were needed for him to send on to those who look after the researching of possible guests to have on the radio program. Richard was kind enough to reply right away, saying he would take some time with my email before he could respond. I sent that email also to CharlesMorris@haventoday.org…. but I don’t know if that is the correct email address, or where that actually ended up. So today, I am putting this here, as it seems to be my only way of getting my concerns addressed/heard. If you give me an email address to send the email I sent to Richard last Wed, May 11/22, I would be happy to forward that to you. It took me the greater part of that day and then I worked on it 4 hours at the library before sending it. Richard did tell me I was the ONLY person who called with concerns that all the callers had been of positive responses to Haven’s programs with Wright.

    • Corum says:

      Hi Marilyn. It’s so good to hear that you have memorized the majority of Romans so far! How wonderful that you were able to connect with Aaron who encouraged you to fulfill this dream! And thank you for your feedback on our N.T. Wright interview and programing. I just reached out to Richard to make sure Charles and the production team will get a copy of your email. With this interview in particular, Charles usually takes great care in saying that he does not agree with every point of N.T. Wright’s theology. The reason we went ahead with this programing is that when it comes to the Resurrection, there are few other scholars who articulate so well the historical significance and spiritual implications of Christ rising from the dead. Of course, we completely understand if you find the other points of his theology untenable and choose not to listen. I’ll look forward to going over your email with Charles soon.

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