Andrew Peterson On Easter, the Resurrection, and Christ-Haunted Places

Easter is coming. But unlike the Christmas season, Easter doesn’t have as many of the rich traditions that help us anticipate Christ’s death and resurrection. On today’s episode, Andrew Peterson helps us bridge the gap between what we read in the gospel and how these events have direct implications for how we live every single day.

When you listen, you’ll also hear him talk about how he connects with Christ through music and the sense of feeling God’s presence in historic Christian places that are no longer active today.

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  • As Easter approaches, we encourage you to prepare your heart to celebrate the Resurrection through Andrew Peterson’s album Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1.
  • You can also view a video of one of the most powerful songs on the album here (Is He Worthy?).
  • Listen to the full radio series with more clips and messages on living with resurrection power here. 

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1 Comment

  • Thank you for being so real.
    Thank you for Prioritizing Jesus.
    Thank you for being a resource for new and older Christians.
    Keep Fighting the good fight.
    PK!…Awesome. I’m an ek, Elders kid, much different but babysat for our pastor and had to always be watching my p’s and q’s!! May you both be so blessed this next week. Please pray for Oregon. A lot of things still closed and very awkward meeting new people, if you aren’t wearing a mask they look at you and act/think as though you are trying to purposefully contaminate them. Within families, neighbors a huge riff…thank you for just trusting Jesus with me, with all that and knowing Christ will protect his children, we wash and stay 6 to 7 feet apart but when we hug, we just sort of hold our breath and smile..but a human need is touch and presence of others. May the suicide rates around the world start DROPPING as we start digging in and praying for them, and refusing to life in fear. Anyway, ahhh, I digress. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk about Christian culture, sharing life, living and goodness, and Christ. The gospel is where it is at. Blessings to you both.

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