Danny Rojas on Becoming the New Director & Speaker of El Faro de Redención

Born in Miami shortly after his parents fled Cuba during Fidel Castro’s revolution, Danny Rojas is a Christ follower with a heart for the Cuban Church. Today, he is now the director and speaker of Haven’s Spanish broadcast to Cuba El Faro de Redención.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Danny became the head of this ministry, as well as how he saw Christ on the move in Cuba during his very first trip to the island last week.

Danny Rojas has been serving in pastoral and music ministry for over 25 years. His wife Luann is also from Miami and of Dominican descent. Danny earned a Master of Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Theology. He serves his local church as an elder and worship leader. His passion and heart for El Faro de Redención is to share Christ-centered, grace-focused content along with the voice of the Cuban church, so that many in Cuba, as well as across the Spanish-speaking world, will find life and rest in Christ.

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