Nancy Guthrie Wants to Teach Your Children How to Pray

Prayer is an essential part of every Christian’s life. It’s also a mysterious and intimidating practice for believers both young and old. What’s the problem? Nancy Guthrie says, “Praying to God is so simple a child can do it, but grown-ups often make it needlessly complicated. God wants an honest conversation.”

To help you get a better handle on what every Christian — both young and old — should know about prayer, Charles Morris invited Nancy Guthrie to join him for an insightful conversation on prayer. Even if you already have a healthy prayer life, this interview will help you gain a deeper understanding of what we are actually doing when we talk to God.

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  • Dawn Ferguson says:

    We are praying for all of Ukraine ???
    Praying For our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to stand and protect and preserve this country. Praying Putin and all his leaders to be given a mind of division and confusion and do nothing. May the Lord’s legions of angels protect this country.. Fight all the evil and chaos surrounding Ukraine. Praying for my brothers and sisters to stand strong and bold for the gospel of Jesus and know we are behind you and will be praying for safety and help and that the Russian soldiers will lay down their weapons in peace. Praying for peace in your hearts and mind through Jesus Christ our King of all and Prince of Peace. . May God be with you all and know we are with you ? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ?????

  • Sandy says:

    We need to keep our focus on the United States. Right here at home is a need. Over looking onto Cuba and Ukraine etc. Is turning your back on a big vast country the USA. There is homelessness tent cities every where.people divided over race. Children struggling and hunger. The out reach is here in our own back yards.

    • Corum says:

      Hi Sandy. Thanks for your response. We certainly agree that there is brokenness all around. Whether that’s in our own backyard are around the globe, the Lord cares for his children. And we must as well.

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