Is The Resurrection Historically Accurate?

The most startling claim of Christianity is that Jesus rose from the dead after being brutally executed on a Roman cross two thousand years ago. Could it possibly be true? And if it were, what difference could it make to us today?

Dr. N.T. Wright is a leading New Testament Scholar and retired Anglican Bishop. Here, he gives a helpful presentation on how believers can trust the historical authenticity of the Resurrection.

Resurrection (DVD)

The most startling claim of Christianity is that Jesus rose from the dead after being executed on a cross two thousand years ago.

New Testament scholar, N.T. Wright answers the questions of everyday Christians and helps strengthen the confidence they already have in the resurrection of Jesus. He doesn’t shy away from questions raised by skeptics.

Shot on location in Israel, Greece and England, Wright brings clarity and insight to one of the most profound mysteries in human history.

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