Keith & Kristyn Getty on Modern Hymn Writing and the Legacy of “In Christ Alone”

Hymns seem old fashioned to many in the modern church. So how in the world did a “modern hymn” become one of the most popular songs sung in churches around the world?

20 years after Keith Getty and Stuart Townend wrote “In Christ Alone,” the song has not diminished in popularity. From Lauren Daigle to Shane & Shane, it’s also been covered by many leading Christian musicians at work today. But how did it come about? And what does it mean to the two people who first brought it to a global audience?

On today’s episode, Charles Morris returns to a conversation he had with Keith and Kristyn Getty at the 10th anniversary of “In Christ Alone.” Sitting at a piano in an empty church, they discuss topics ranging from music and worship to parenting and what it takes to live the Christian life. They also discuss the release of their album “Hymns for the Christian Life,” which we still have available for your gift to Haven Ministries.

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