Passing the Torch: Embracing a New Era of Leadership at Haven Ministries

Almost twenty-five years ago, I was entrusted with the ministry of Haven. I knew that one day I would be passing the torch of this 90-year-old ministry to someone else. What I did not know is that this person would be a good friend of mine.

With great excitement and joy, I announce this year I will shift into an emeritus role and welcome David Wollen as the president and future host of Haven Today.

If you listened to the on-air announcement on Haven Today, then you’ve already heard the news. Either way, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about my longtime friend who will be ushering this ministry into a new era. For more information on how this transition will take place over the coming months, click here.

I first met David and his soon-to-be wife, Marci, at a Christmas concert at Biola University. We were complete strangers, or so I thought. During intermission, we struck up a conversation. I realized that I was close friends with the man who would soon be his father-in-law. Our paths crossed again two years later as I was seeking an assistant. I wasn’t just looking for someone to merely handle administrative tasks but also someone with a diverse skill set, leadership potential, and who deeply resonated with the vision that this ministry is all about Jesus. David was the perfect fit. One year in, he became our COO.

Not only did David and I become fast friends, but so did our families.

Charles Morris and David Wollen through the years

I remember how Janet and I prayed with David and Marci for their first child, which the Lord delayed for a long season. What a joy it was for me to be there for their daughter’s first birthday and see her smashing a cupcake into her face with so much glee! What a reminder of answered prayer.

Over the years we enjoyed hikes, picnics, and spiritual retreats. We’ve prayed together, celebrated together, and even mourned together. I count it true joy to call David Wollen my brother in Christ and friend.

The idea of one day passing the torch used to make me nervous. I didn’t know who would become the fifth speaker of Haven Ministries. I prayed for God to bring about the perfect person in His timing. That is exactly what He did.

I can attest to David’s experience and knowledge as someone who teaches the Word of God, his desire to serve others in his leadership, and his eagerness to know Christ more. Even his most recent experience in international missions will be valuable as he returns to Haven. But in knowing David, I have been most encouraged by his daily dependence on Jesus.

When you tune in to Haven Today this month, you will continue to hear my voice alongside David’s. As time progresses, I will dial back my presence in the program while continuing to serve in a support role. I look forward to seeing how God will use this 90-year-old ministry in the years to come.

About the Author

Charles Morris served as Haven’s host and president from 1999 through 2023, and is still actively serving in an emeritus role on the air and in leadership.

Charles now lives in Washington with his wife, Janet. Together, they wrote Saving a Life, Jesus in the Midst of Success, and Missing Jesus. They have three children and are the proud grandparents of Charlotte, Gracie, Ricky, Charlie, and Cosette. In 2017, Morris collaborated with New York Times bestselling author Craig Borlase and wrote Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus which chronicles the stories of Christians in the Middle East today.


  • Tom Herzog says:

    Congrats and God bless I appreciate all you have done Thanks

  • Mary Jo McConnell says:

    Charles, this is a good way to transition to a new host. I have enjoyed Haven today. Welcome to David and thanking God you have someone you love and trust to ‘carry-on’ in Jesus’s name.
    Mary Jo

  • Catherine Urbalejo says:

    Charles thank you for your extraordinary service for Jesus. Will miss you as the time goes by- but so happy we will have a leader you are so comfortable with. Prayers for his success in this ministry.

  • Steven Read says:

    Pastor Morris,

    I started listening to Haven almost 20 years ago and wish you a long and happy retirement.

    Steven Read

  • Markie loves Jesus says:

    Keep on ”Praising Precious Jesus” Charles. Shalom

  • Carol Montag says:

    I’m sorry and glad to see Charles go. He has been a wonderful instrument for God to do His miraculous work. His personal touch as if he knew all his listeners will be missed. Glad because God will use him and his family in other ways and God is the steering wheel for change. So take hold David Wollen as God guides you through the next 25 or more years of Heaven Ministries. Pay attention to the Godwinks.

  • Gwen L. says:

    Hello Brother Morris,
    Your ministry through Haven has been A true blessing to me through the ups and downs of life. I look forward to learning more from you during the transition to the new host, and pray that God blesses both of you and your families, as well as the ministry of Haven, abundantly!

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Gwen, thank you for your prayers and support. We look forward to seeing how God will continue to use Haven Ministries.

  • Madeleine Harding says:

    Thank you Charles for 25 excellent years of « It’s all about Jesus » Just so nice to hear your messages for the past few years.. it has blessed me and our family , and during the war in Ukraine you provided sound giving to help Ukraine and now Israel .. thank you Charles for everything you have done and accomplished… good and faithful servant, may God bless your path ahead with many goor blessings Amen 🙏

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Madeleine, thank you for your prayers. We count it a true blessing to see the many ways God has led Charles, as he led this 90-year-old ministry.

  • Susie says:

    Dearest Charles, my brother in Christ, I am overjoyed to hear of this big, big change that God has lovingly brought to Haven!!! I love hearing how our great God brought a dear, precious friend of your very own to take the reins of this vibrant ministry! He has so intricately woven into every facet of His children’s lives precious gifts of every kind!! Dear Charles, God applied a very anointed salve to your loving, comforting voice that has brought healing to me on many occasions! I am so proud of your wonderful testimony, and the honor you gave to our King through your faithful walk and life. I know I will love the new, young man that God has set in place, and that you will continue for a bit!! God bless you and Janet, dear Charles! I love you both so much!! Susie D, WA State

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Amen, Susie! Your words are such an encouragement for our team, and I can confidently say that David and Charles share the same sentiment.

  • Vernon Ray says:

    Will Haven Today still be on KRDU 1130am?

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Hi Vernon, Haven no longer airs on KRDU. You can still listen to Haven Today online, through our app, or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.

  • Brentley S. says:

    I will miss hearing Charles Morris doing the Haven Today radio broadcast. I think he is one of the finest Christian radio personality/broadcasters. May God bless you and yours. Thank you for your service to the ministry.

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Brentley, thank you for sharing such kind words. Charles has faithfully led Haven Ministries for 25 years. It’s a joy to read how God has used him to bless the lives of so many.

      • John Huculak says:

        Well as I sit here dealing with a huge and very difficult transition being called to Idaho at 71 with my wife…I think back 65 years at being 7 years old and sitting with my coveralls and droopy socks at the edge of my bed living at the time in an absolutely dysfunctional war zone household with my parents throwing emotional grenades at each other due to my mothers mental illness and my dad’s alcoholism.

        During those times when there was a cease fire my dad would sometimes tune in “8 bells and all is well…This is 1st mate Bob” I can’t tell you what comfort those words and music always brought to a very young and weary soul.

        Now after 65 yrs that still holds true even now after the baton is now being passed for the 6th time.

        Brother Charles….Well done! You my brother have run a long and I’m sure sometimes a very exhausting race over the past 20 yrs! I have shared and gained comfort from your deep and heartfelt insights from your own deep personal losses and challenges.

        I really do hope to meet you someday this side of heaven.

        So in closing..Best and warm regards and in his extravagant grace…John Huculak

        • Corum says:

          What an exciting call to Idaho at this time of life! It’s encouraging to hear that Haven has been a blessing to you or so many years for all five speakers. Your longstanding words mean a lot to Charles and the rest of us at Haven.

  • I am so very sorry to see you leaving this ministry after hearing your voice for so many years, but am so very glad to know that you are stepping aside and passing the baton to another man who is as capable of leading this ministry as you have been! Here is a big word of welcome to him and may God bless you both and your families!

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Hi Jilleen, thank you for your kind words and big welcome to David Wollen. We are excited to see how God will continue to use this ministry in the years to come.

  • Phyllis O'Keef says:

    Your news is exciting & answers your faithful prayers. For the brief time of finding, connecting & listening to Haven Today, my ears & my heart ears will continue following with you in this journey. Grateful to God for your unswerving dedication & faithfulness to Him & His Living Word. You are a blessing!

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Phyllis, thank you for your kind words of love and support. We are excited to hear you will stay connected to Haven as we journey into this new era.

  • James Geer says:

    I congratulate you on the years of faithful service to our Lord. I remember when you first joined Haven and those yearly years when you stepped out to expand the ministry. I guess that makes us both old. Lol! You have done a great job.
    I wish you and Janet many more fruitful years of service before he calls you home.
    In Christ’s enduring love
    Gayle and Jim

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Gayle and Jim, what a joy to hear from you and your history with Haven Ministries. We appreciate your continued prayers and support.

  • Mary Trisha Stover says:

    Looking forward to this new season with HAVEN TODAY. I’ve listened for many years on WDAC Lancaster county PA.,
    recently relocated to Wilmington DE and searching for a station here….but continue to contact online. May God bless you all in this renewal. Peace, Trisha

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Trisha, thank you for the encouragement. We are also excited for this new season at Haven Ministries. God has so faithfully led us to this point and we are confident He will continue to do this through the leadership of David Wollen.

  • Deana Breitwieser says:

    I found Haven Today on American Family Radio at 5:30 am as I walked my dog many years ago. I’ve lost track, however AFR came to Columbus Ohio around 2005. I’ve grown closer to Jesus and been a supporter for years. I am heartbroken Charles is getting promoted to emeritus, insert a giggle here, however, in listening to this weeks intro, I’m excited to see what’s next. Thank you for what you do. I’m a pure app listener now as my dog went to live with my daughter and don’t have to be up at 5:30 any more. Therefore I can listen over and over again. I’ve shared your program with many, quote from it much and given out kids resources to nieces & nephews. I specifically enjoyed Pilgram’s Progress for kids! It is one of my favorite books and movies. I pray Jesus continues to richly bless this ministry worldwide to tell the story: it’s all about Jesus. Forever in your debt,
    Deana Breitwieser

    • Tamara Chamberlain says:

      Deana, thank you for trusting Haven over the years. It is always such an encouragement and blessing when we hear how God has used this ministry and the servant heart of Charles Morris. We are excited to see how God will use Haven in this new era.

  • Barbara says:

    Cousin Charles, this morning I was doing some catchup reading and saw your news. I have been listening online for the last few years and will miss hearing your voice. I’m sure the message will not change. I look forward to hearing about your ministry from a new position and that it will still be “all about Jesus.”

    • Corum says:

      Thank you for your kind words for Charles and this ministry. We are excited to see what the Lord will do through this transition in the coming months and years!

  • Laurie Rickerd says:

    I’m grateful for you. Your heart for Jesus is like no other. Plain and simple, it’s all about Him! Thank you for your constant reminders.

    All God’s best in your next steps,
    Laurie Rickerd

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