Charles Morris Welcomes David Wollen as President & Host of Haven Ministries

All good things must come to an end. But in Christ, there are always new beginnings. On today’s episode of the Great Stories Podcast, Charles Morris introduces Haven Today’s new speaker and president, David Wollen.

It’s been almost 25 years now since Charles became the fourth speaker of Haven Today, and as he “goes emeritus,” Charles will still co-host the program with David for a short season. So, join them for a great discussion about Haven’s past, present, and future, and learn more about the work of Christ in David’s life.

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  • Nancy Johnson says:

    Is Charles sick and that is why he is leaving? If so, please let listeners know so that we can be praying for him.

    • Corum says:

      Hi Nancy. Thanks for checking in with your concern. Charles is not “going emeritus” because of an illness. The transition of leadership is the culmination of much planning and prayer, which is also why Charles is stepping back but not away. He will still be involved with the ministry going forward, but not as the acting president and host.

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