How to Find God When You're Feeling Lonely

You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. At some point, we will all experience that feeling of emptiness, of being cut off from others. For some, the feeling is only too common. For others, it’s an unpleasant surprise.

Lydia Brownback, author of Finding God in My Loneliness, says that God created us with a “God-shaped hole in our hearts,” so that we would yearn for our creator.

When the Lord created Adam in the garden, he said, “It is not good that man is alone.” This line in Genesis is often used in the context of relationship and finding fulfillment in a spouse, but the greater significance here is meant to drive us to the deepest fulfillment of our loneliness, which is the Lord himself.

In the following video, Lydia discusses how we can cling to the Lord when we are feeling alone:



For more on the topic of finding God in your loneliness, listen to the full radio series with Lydia Brownback called “One is the Loneliest Number.


FGIML-productFinding God in My Loneliness

From Instagram to Facebook, our culture is obsessed with getting and staying “connected.” But the truth is, many people are lonelier today than ever before. Looking at common misconceptions about the causes of and cures for loneliness, seasoned author Lydia Brownback offers encouragement from a biblical perspective.


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