Andrew Peterson, on Resurrection Letters

Andrew Peterson On Easter, the Resurrection, and Christ-Haunted Places

Easter is coming. But unlike the Christmas season, Easter doesn’t have as many of the rich traditions that help us anticipate Christ’s death and resurrection. On today’s episode, Andrew Peterson…
Marty Machowski, Darkest Night Brightest Day

Marty Machowski on How to Share Christ with Kids this Easter

There are many Advent devotionals and activities for children to prepare their hearts for Christmas, but Easter is not often given the same level of care and attention — despite…
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Responding to Easter: “Is He Worthy?”

Is anyone worthy? Is anyone whole? Is anyone able to break the seal and open the scroll? The Lion of Judah who conquered the grave He was David’s root and…
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Darrell Johnson On Living with Resurrection Power

The power of the resurrection is now in the lives of those who believe in Jesus. But what does that really mean? This sermon by Darrell Johnson was featured on…
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A Modern-Day Thief on the Cross

It was almost midnight when I approached with foreboding, the large and white-painted complex. I recall looking up at the moon as I climbed stone steps toward the front entrance,…
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An Ancient Easter Song

Our Lord God loves to take impossible situations and show that all things are possible with Him. The ancient Israelites watched as He delivered them from Egypt while crushing their…
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7 Final Words of Christ

Do you remember what Jesus said on the cross? These final words of Jesus are found in different places throughout the four gospels. Putting them together one after the other…