Responding to Easter: “Is He Worthy?”

Is anyone worthy? Is anyone whole?
Is anyone able to break the seal and open the scroll?
The Lion of Judah who conquered the grave
He was David’s root and the Lamb who died to ransom the slave
Andrew Peterson, “Is He Worthy?”

These lyrics are drawn from a passage in Revelation 5 when the angel asks if anyone is worthy to open the scroll with seven seals. The author, John, weeps when no one is found to be worthy. But then … “one of the elders said to me, ‘Weep no more; behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals.’”

This staggering moment in Revelation is even more poignant when read (or sung!) during Easter as we celebrate Christ’s victory over death. “Is he worthy? His is.”

As we prepare our hearts to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, it’s good to remember that Jesus is a worthy savior, not just because of what he’s done for us, but because of who he is for us. And this modern hymn by Andrew Peterson serves as the perfect invitation for each of us to respond with gratitude, awe, and love. May it resonate in your heart this Easter season.

Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1

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