The Most Reluctant Convert (DVD)

Experience C.S. Lewis’ profound journey from vigorous debunker of Christianity to become, as he said, “the most reluctant convert in all England.”

Midnight Mercies

Midnight Mercies offers guidance and biblical narratives to women struggling with depression, so they can find God’s presence in their darkest moments.

American Gospel: Christ Crucified

American Gospel: Christ Crucified explores how the paths of post-modernism and progressive Christianity lead to a different gospel, and a god created in our own image.

Cuba Broadcast

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with El Faro de Redención? Your generous gifts and prayers reach all of Cuba with a message that is all about Jesus.

Prayers of a Parent for Adult Children

Let Kathleen Nielson’s words guide your devotions as Prayers of a Parent for Adult Children tackles the challenges of marriage, parenthood, careers, aging, and more.

Anchor Devotional – Renewal

There’s no minimum gift threshold to renew your commitment. We simply ask that you be as generous as you can each year to help us extend its blessing to others.

Meet Haven's New President & Host

David Wollen

After serving at Haven for nearly 25 years, Charles Morris is excited to announce he will be stepping into an emeritus role and welcomes David Wollen as the new president and host for Haven Ministries.

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Anchor Devotional

Confession, Part 2

Saturday / May 25th 2024

The Bible does not mince words when it comes to our sin. Sin includes acting presumptuously, stubbornly resisting, refusing to obey, committing great evils—and these are just descriptions from verses 16-18. Most of these phrases are repeated over and over. When we sin, we cast His law behind us, and we end up hating messengers of truth who seek to call us back.  In other words, sin is not merely missing the mark. It…

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Featured Blog Post

Joseph Kohm on the Importance of Friendship for C.S. Lewis

Friday / May 24th 2024

A lot has been said about C.S. Lewis the writer, the professor, the theologian, the apologist. But what about C.S. Lewis the friend? Joseph Kohm has written extensively about the surprising, yet tragic, friendship between Lewis and his childhood pal, Arthur Greeves. On today’s episode of the Great Stories podcast, Kohm joins David Wollen to discuss how Lewis considered friendship to be the chief source of happiness—and his friendship with Greeves lasted for half a…

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