When People Are Big and God Is Small

In this book, Ed Welch uncovers the spiritual dimension of people-pleasing and points the way through a true knowledge of God, ourselves, and others.


“Unashamed” by Heather Davis Nelson explores the chains that bind us and points us to the one who redeems us and makes us new.

Prayers of a Parent for Adult Children

Let Kathleen Nielson’s words guide your devotions as Prayers of a Parent for Adult Children tackles the challenges of marriage, parenthood, careers, aging, and more.

All About Jesus Hymns (CD)

Crafted from the extensive archives of the Haven Quartet, All About Jesus Hymns promises a musical journey centered on Jesus.

Meet Haven's New President & Host

David Wollen

After serving at Haven for nearly 25 years, Charles Morris is excited to announce he will be stepping into an emeritus role and welcomes David Wollen as the new president and host for Haven Ministries.

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Anchor Devotional

Pursuing Excellence

Monday / July 15th 2024

When it comes to basketball coaches, most would agree John Wooden was the best. Over several decades of coaching, he won ten NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships and several coaching awards. He was brilliant at motivating his players, both in practice and in games. One of his core coaching ideologies was to pursue perfection and give 100% regardless of the situation on the court. And best of all in my opinion is that whi…

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Featured Blog Post

Heather Davis Nelson on How Jesus Rescues Us from Our Shame

Wednesday / July 10th 2024

What are you ashamed of? If you’re like most people, a blunt question like this has the power to resurface long-ago-buried memories of wrongdoing. It doesn’t even matter whether you were caught or got away with it, shame can stay with us for many years—and yet it is too often ignored and unresolved. On today’s episode of the Great Stories podcast, David Wollen and his wife, Marci, are joined by author and counselor Heather Davis…

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