Where Was Jesus in 2015?

After multiple terrorist attacks, civil wars, natural disasters, and the rise of numerous epidemics, some of us may look back and ask, where was Jesus in 2015?
Charles Morris, President and Speaker of Haven Minsitries, answers that question by taking a look back at the events that brought us to the end of the year.

Despite our fears of the world unravelling, God is still in control. We may not see Him in big ways that are immediately clear to us, but keep listening for His soft voice. May 2016 be the year you seek to know your Savior intimately. Open your heart to the small ways in which He will change your life forever.
Keep looking to Jesus in 2016. Haven will be there to encourage with our radio broadcasts and daily devotionals. We’ll be a “safe haven” for you and your family.
Please consider supporting Haven with your gift today. Your help will allow us to keep telling the Great story that’s all about Jesus.

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