What Christ is Doing in Cuba

For decades, God has been at work behind the scenes in Cuba, and now we have the special opportunity to witness what some have called the greatest Christian revival in the Western Hemisphere.

In the last two years, friends like you have given enough for us to send more than 138,000 Spanish Bibles to the country, but the need is still great. Will you join me now in getting the Word of God into the hands of those who need it?
Just $5 covers the printing and delivery of one hardback Bible printed on high quality India paper that will last for years in Cuba’s hot, humid climate. Whatever you can send, I am confident the Lord will use it. And every dollar of your gift to Bibles For Cuba will be used to provide the Word of God to bless His people. We do not take a handling fee—not a dime for Haven!
Would you consider giving $1,000 to send 200 Bibles to Christians in Cuba? Or $25 for 5 Bibles? I’m even praying that God will raise up people to give $10,000 to send 2,000 Bibles.
Please pray about this opportunity to bless the people of Cuba with the most significant gift we could possibly give them—God’s Word.

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  • lee williams says:

    Can you give some background about the political structure in Cuba and how it has affected the church in the past (before President Obama’s visit). Have the people always had religious freedom but because of the embargo no Bibles were allowed to be distributed in Cuba? When did the growth of the Evangelical church in Cuba begin? Has the visit of President Obama to Cuba changed the religious freedoms there? What other changes are being seen by the common people? Is it up to the Church to help provide Bibles and potable drinking water to the people, or will the government be making changes so that all Cubans will have access to basic needs and civil freedoms?
    I haven’t heard or read any news about the people of Cuba, so I’d really appreciate about the Cuban people.
    Thank you for your very important ministry!

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