Tyler Van Halteren Introduces Pilgrim’s Progress to a New Generation

Christians throughout history have faced countless trials and tribulations. You might even feel like we’re living through a moment like that right now. But one of the greatest benefits of having multitudes of Christians come before us is that we can benefit from the treasure trove of wisdom they left behind. One such treasure is John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

On today’s episode, Charles Morris speaks with author and missionary Tyler Van Halteren about this classic story that touches on many of the highs and lows of the Christian life. It also conveys our lives a journey with a glorious destination. All of that is captured in a new, beautifully-illustrated storybook Tyler published titled Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey, which helps even the youngest readers learn from the timeless truths embedded in this literary masterpiece.

Listen in to hear Tyler’s story of being a missionary to Cambodia, a young father, and a Christian with a heart to bring Pilgrim’s Progress to a new generation.

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  • Kathy Gibson says:

    I love this book!
    I read it to 5 of my grandchildren, all teenagers, last year during COVID lockdown over Zoom!
    They were eager to return each day to hear the story to its conclusion.
    Now I’m going to order this one for my 3 younger grandchildren.
    Thank you, Charles, for having such wonderful guests on your show.
    Blessings to Tyler, his family, and little crew.

    • Corum Hughes says:

      Wow, that’s so great to hear, Kathy. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and passing along this great resource for others!

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