The Life of C.S. Lewis

Quoted by pastors and read by children, Clive Staples Lewis was no doubt the most significant atheist-turned-Christian of the last century. Many know him only as the creator of Narnia, while others see him primarily as a defender of the faith. And yet there’s so much more to learn about this Irish country boy who grew up to live through two world wars and influence millions through his books, lectures, and war-time radio talks.

In 2013, Focus on the Family commissioned a fascinating documentary in honor of the 50th anniversary of Lewis’ passing. Gathering stories from the author’s friends, family, and fellow like-minded academic enthusiasts, this documentary tells the little known story of how C. S. Lewis came to write Mere Christianity through a time of war, while also shedding light on the far-reaching impact of his life and body of works.

A Hobbit, A Wardrobe, and A Great War

Had there been no Great War, there would have been no Hobbit, no Lord of the Rings, no Narnia, and perhaps no conversion to Christianity by C. S. Lewis. The First World War laid waste to a continent and permanently altered the political and religious landscape of the West. For a generation of men and women, it brought the end of innocence—and the end of faith. Yet for J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, the Great War deepened their spiritual quest. Both men served as soldiers on the Western Front and used the experience of that conflict to ignite their Christian imagination.

In the first book of its kind, Professor Joseph Loconte brilliantly tells the untold story of how WWI dramatically impacted these two literary greats … as well as the famous characters we would later know and love. For your gift to the ministry, we would love to send you either the audiobook version or print edition as our way of saying “thanks” for your generous support.

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