The Forgotten “Spirit” of Christmas

On today’s episode, Charles Morris talks about someone who was a significant part of the first Christmas, but who often goes overlooked—the Holy Spirit. The arrival of Jesus is the “main event,” but none of it would have been possible without the third person of the Trinity. Today, we’re going behind the scenes of the typical nativity story to give you a more complete view of that first Christmas.

This special Christmas podcast also features conversations with Grammy, Billboard, and Dove winning singer-songwriter Laura Story and former prosperity gospel preacher Costi Hinn. As we all begin to celebrate a very different and, for many, a very lonely Christmas, we pray this episode will help you prepare your heart for Christ this season.

Going Deeper

  • Listen to the previous episode of the Great Stories with Charle Morris podcast about the unlikely story behind Handel’s Messiah here.
  • Watch this Christmas video from Charles Morris about how this biblical event is ultimately about promises made and promises kept.

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