Everything You Need to Know About Handel’s Messiah

For many, Handel’s Messiah is what people listen to most at Christmastime, but did you know it was originally written for Easter? The scope of this musical masterpiece spans the entirety of Scripture with the central point resting on the birth of our Savior and culminating in God’s ultimate victory over sin.

On today’s episode, Charles Morris returns to two interviews he did in London to learn more about the story behind George Frideric Handel’s most famous work. Dr. Ruth Smith, a widely respected Handel historian, and Sarah Bardwell, director of the Handel House Museum in London, discuss the theological purpose of Messiah, the controversy it created, it’s first performance at the Foundling Hospital, how Handel wrote the massive score in three weeks, and why it’s gone on to have such a lasting legacy today.

Going Deeper

  • To watch the mini-documentary mentioned in the podcast touring Handel’s House, click here.
  • To see a list of all the lyrics and Scripture references that make up the famous libretto, click here.
  • And, finally, to get your own copy of Handel’s Messiah, we’d love to send it to you as our thanks for a donation to Haven Ministries. Learn more (and listen to samples) here.

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  • Brenda Holcombe says:

    I listen to your radio ministry on WXJC whenever I am in the car at the time you are on air. I have found the Handel’s Messiah story very interesting. I shared some of it with my pastors wife. It has inspired her for our small church Christmas event. This Sunday each Christmas carol selected someone will give some history behind the carol. I will do Handel’s Messiah. Though we will not be singing. lol. I love the idea the song is all scripture and it stirred the lukewarm believers to fire up. Thanks for the information.

    • Corum Hughes says:

      I’m so glad to hear you found this informative and inspiring. Thanks for letting us know how you’re passing on the information in your Christmas event. What a great idea!

  • Reynier ter haar says:

    Thank you so much for giving me more background on this wonderful piece of music,an all time favourite of mine. I recognised the text coming from the Bible but it was fascinating to get the details. Amazing that it was done in three weeks,must have been inspired from above!!

  • John Franklin batkins says:

    Exquisite , Wonderful. Elegant and without peer. Words are meaningless when spoken about this work ofHandel’s. God bless him and Jennens too.

  • Barbara Smith says:

    Thank you for your Podcast on Handel’s Messiah. I came across it as I went on line to find out more information on George Handel.His life is so interesting seeing how God worked in his life and bringing the gifts of these two men together.
    When I listen to The Messiah I am in awe with great reverence and Thanksgiving to Almighty God.

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