Juana Mikels

One of the saddest statistics about marriage is its bleak success rate in the western world. Even in the church, marriages end at an alarmingly high percentage. But on today’s episode of the Great Stories podcast, Charles Morris turns the tables on this narrative by sharing a story of a marriage that ended … only to be redeemed later down the road.

Recorded in 2015, Juana Mikels (author of Choosing Him All Over Again) tells Charles Morris about how she reached a point where she was unhappy with her life, and so she decided to leave her husband, house, and friends to search for happiness. Instead of finding a new Mr. Right, she found Jesus. But what happened next? Would her husband take her back? Listen in to hear this incredible story of how Christ’s love can transform the way we love each other.

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We all have an internal need for something greater in our lives, but we can’t expect our spouse to fill that void. Look to Jesus, instead. Only He can fill your deepest need—the need for Him.

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