Hurricane Ian

On its way to Florida, Hurricane Ian built colossal strength over the Caribbean.

The already struggling country of Cuba was unfortunate enough to be in its path, leading to a countrywide blackout for 11 million people. The storm also wiped out access to safe water for many — especially those in Cuba’s rural western region that was hit hardest.

Soon after making landfall in Cuba, Ian grew to become a strong category 4 hurricane causing catastrophic damage through Florida. Unlike North America, however, relief response is almost non-existent in Cuba.

That’s why Haven is partnering with an on-the-ground ministry already connected to local churches throughout the island nation to provide safe water to communities that don’t have adequate resources. You can make a gift to help provide safe water for Cuba here.

But how do these water systems work?

The ministry Haven is working with (un-named for diplomatic reasons) has placed numerous clean water systems in churches and seminaries all across Cuba.

Just in this past year alone, over one million gallons of clean water was distributed free of charge to communities served by local churches. Each system includes a portable generator to keep the the operation running during power outages — which is especially crucial in this crisis.

Able to produce 300 gallons of safe water a day, the hardware alone for one system costs $7,500. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical to equip local churches and seminaries to become community hubs for both safe water and living water in Jesus Christ.

Several trained teams in Cuba are always at the ready to teach church workers to install, maintain, and operate the systems. These church workers are then trained to teach good hygiene to those receiving the clean water.

What a way for Christians to make an impact for the Gospel!

Safe Water For Cuba

Will you respond now to help support this critical ministry to Cubans in desperate need of safe water?

Cuba was already a country facing food shortages, crippling power outages, and strong government regulations — these struggles have only become more intense.

That’s why we’re asking you to help provide Cubans with one of their most essential needs. Please pray about how much you might give to Safe Water for Cuba and follow the link below.