Ministry Highlight: Christ for Cuba

El Faro de Redención is Haven’s ministry to Cuba. Over the radio, it airs on more than fifty stations throughout the Spanish-speaking world. The primary purpose is to build up the Cuban church with Christ-centered teaching and listener testimonies from throughout this island nation.

But El Faro is much more than a radio ministry. With a team on the ground in Havana and regular trips into the country when the border is open, the team regularly connects with Cuban Christians where they are with whatever needs they have in the moment.

Dan Warne, El Faro’s Speaker, delivers the daily program, but he also works to foster relationships and build a network of Cuban ministries that are excited about Christ in all of Scripture. The team has done this through teaching conferences for pastors, through mercy ministries for Bible and eyeglasses distributions, and through partnerships with local congregations.

This is just a small peak at what that looks like:


Cuba is a country already filled with great suffering, and under the weight of COVID, their struggles have only increased. Yet the hand of God is evident, as more Cubans are open to hearing about the hope of Jesus.

El Faro de Redención—in English, Redemption Lighthouse—is Haven Ministries’ daily Spanish broadcast shining the light of Christ from all of Scripture for all of Cuba and with listeners around the world.

Will you help make an everlasting impact in Cuba? 

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