The Manger Mission in Action

Give children the gift of a one-of-a-kind experience this Christmas through The Manger Mission! This hardback children’s book and coordinating nativity set introduces children to a unique child-led, Jesus-focused Advent activity. Participating in the Wise Men’s journey to Jesus, children experience a taste of longing, expectation, and preparation for Jesus’ arrival—abstract ideas so defining of the Advent season, made concrete through hands-on engagement.

For you to get an idea of how these figurines can be used, watch this captivating video posted by the activity’s creators.

The Manger Mission: A Family Christmas Tradition

After reading the accompanying story, children choose a place for the three Wise Men to begin their journey through their home, every day moving them closer to the nativity where they can once again see baby Jesus. On Christmas morning, children return the Wise Men to the nativity to complete this Christmas tradition.

This set includes the following:

  • 1 hardback children’s book that combines the story of the Wise Men with the story of The Manger Mission tradition and includes beautiful painterly and sketched color illustrations with beautifully-lined black and white illustrations
  • 1 Nativity Set that includes 12 Characters and 1 Stable of shaped blocks of wood with painted characters that coordinates with the story’s illustrations, sized to fit a child’s hand.


  • Karen Purdy says:

    What does your Manger Mission teach in regards to a timeline for when the Wise Men arrive bringing the gifts?

    • Corum Hughes says:

      Hi Karen. Charles briefly mentioned this on the program after seeing your comment, but the short answer is that the authors definitely acknowledge that some time may have elapsed before the wise men would have arrived to meet Jesus. For the purposes of the activity, though, they acknowledge this while also having the figurines arrive on Christmas day. I hope this helps!

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