Kristin Vazquez & Hannah Santi on Starting Family Christmas Traditions that Lead to Jesus

One of the best ways for kids to learn is through play. Kristin Vazquez and Hannah Santi believe that the Advent and Christmas seasons create a perfect opportunity for them to learn about Jesus in a fun, interactive way through the children’s book and traveling nativity set called The Manger Mission.

In this conversation, executive producer Troy Lamberth steps in for Charles Morris to discuss what is at the heart of this new book and activity created by Kristin and Hannah. They also discuss how our family Christmas traditions are important opportunities for the whole family to anticipate and encounter the living Christ in meaningful and memorable ways.

Going Deeper

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The Manger Mission: A Family Christmas Tradition

After reading the accompanying story, children choose a place for the three Wise Men to begin their journey through their home, every day moving them closer to the nativity where they can once again see baby Jesus. On Christmas morning, children return the Wise Men to the nativity to complete this Christmas tradition.

Created by Kristin Vazquez and Hannah Santi, this set includes the following:

  • 1 hardback children’s book that combines the story of the Wise Men with the story of The Manger Mission tradition and includes beautiful painterly and sketched color illustrations with beautifully-lined black and white illustrations
  • 1 Nativity Set that includes 12 Characters and 1 Stable of shaped blocks of wood with painted characters that coordinates with the story’s illustrations, sized to fit a child’s hand.

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