Alisa Childers, American Gospel: Christ Crucified
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Before You Watch American Gospel: Christ Crucified … Read This

There is a growing trend of people walking away from the faith in favor of an alternative gospel. Exvangelicals, post-Christians, deconstructionists, and nones are on the rise. In response to…
Johnny Cash Trailer
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Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon – Watch the Trailer

Sinners thought Johnny Cash was a saint, saints thought Johnny was a sinner, but, in reality, he was both. Just like us, he was flawed; he blew it, he fell,…
Most Reluctant Convert Trailer
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The Most Reluctant Convert: Watch the Trailer!

C.S. Lewis’ conversion story is a true testament to the to the work of Jesus through one man’s life. You will be delighted by the performance of award-winning actor, Max…

Bart Millard Can’t Imagine His Life Without Jesus

The song has been sung by tens of millions of people all over the world. A song about heaven, wondering what it will be like. “I Can Only Imagine” was…
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The Chosen: Season 2 – Watch the Trailer!

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for their’s is the kingdom of God.” Imagine hearing these words for the first time. The hit TV show The Chosen seeks to help…
Dallas Jenkins
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Dallas Jenkins On Set of ‘The Chosen’

The Chosen is the first ever episodic television series made about the life of Jesus. And even with a budget of $10 million, it was made completely outside of Hollywood.…
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PURITAN: Watch the Official Trailer!

PURITAN: All of Life to the Glory of God is beautiful, atmospheric documentary following the birth of Puritanism through its present day influence. Between beautiful shots of historical sites in Europe and…
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PREVIEW: The Chosen (2020)

Created outside the Hollywood system, The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season show about Jesus. Bringing Scripture to life like never before, this groundbreaking show allows you to encounter Jesus by…
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Louis Zamperini: An Unbroken Hero

Louis Zamperini’s life story reads like a Hollywood script. If you didn’t know it was a true story, you would guess it was a modern day fable. Readers around the…
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What My Kids Found in Narnia

I’ll never forget the day we bought our new, almost-pink carpet. It was plush, ugly and must have been on sale. But, ugly as it was, it was also a…
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