An Amish Man Finds Grace

Ephraim Stoltzfus and his wife, Amanda, grew up in the Amish community. Soon after getting married, they realized there was something wrong with what they believed. They began looking closer at Scripture, started attending Bible studies, and were eventually baptized outside of the Amish church. Having broken several rules by doing this, they were excommunicated from their church and shunned by family and friends.

After this, Ephraim and Amanda decided to stay as close to the Amish culture as possible so that they could continue to minister to those who remained in the community they were forced to leave behind.

Watch as Ephraim tells how he came to know grace in Christ and why it allowed him to leave everything he knew in order to follow Jesus.


  • Praise God brother, the road will not be easy but then He never said it would be. As we travel this road of life it seemed to me things got worse, well it was because I’ve always loved God and knew that Jesus died for my sins, I continued to sin and knew it was wrong, I got sick to death but I knew that God would not let me die in t he state of sin I was in. I am so thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When we study his word it falls into place, but you must study. I am still sick, but I am so thankful that I know what I know now. I am much better then I was at first when I go I will be ready in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • Alice Noe says:

    Dear Folks,
    Do you know of the ministry called Mission To Amish People in Savanah Ohio. This a ministry set up to reach the Amish people May be you can have folks there on your program.
    They are doing great things for Jeusus.

  • Martha Curtis says:

    Where is his family now?

  • Linda Solly says:

    Ephraim and Amanda! I am so happy for you and your family!
    God bless you as you continue to serve Him and bring the truth to others who would otherwise be lost for an eternity!
    How is your daughter doing? Cancer free I trust? Praise the Mighty and Powerful Name of Jesus!!!
    Please pray for me. I am in a battle for my life fighting cancer as well. I have some big decisions to make and asking our Father to lead me down the right path.
    May He be glorified!
    Your sister in Christ Jesus,

  • Catherine Horton says:

    I wanted to share this note and link with Ephraim and Amanda.

    Praise be to God for the light you are living. To God be the glory through his Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ!
    This is an audio book. It was written 100 years ago and still stands true! I know you will enjoy it Ephraim and Amanda!
    your sister in Christ,

    Cathy Horton

  • john j ryan says:

    dear amanda and ephraim i pray that your family is well ,i watched a special on your family dated from 2015 ?at that time your daughter was diagnosed lukemia , i pray she is doing good ,GOD BLESS YOU ALL ,i was so inspired by your story , your faith , your GODLY wisdom ,thank you ,in JESUS NAME WE PRAY , AMEN jack and patty ryan and family ,phila pa

  • Ephraim:
    After watching two of your youtube videos, I rejoice to hear the Gospel you are preaching, and to hear that the Amish are finding grace. Working in the English world, the biggest problem that I encounter are young people who use the gospel as an excuse to sin sexually, and even try to get the church to accept their homosexual friends. It is important to understand that the Amish culture and community is a blessing from God, not something that earns God’s blessing.

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