5 Prayers for Muslims During Ramadan

Ramadan. For 1.9 billion Muslims around the world, it’s the holiest month of the year.

In 2021, this starts at sunset on Monday, April 12, and ends the evening of Wednesday, May 12. Muslims will actively be praying and seeking Allah, so what better time for Christians around the world to pray for Christ to work in the hearts of Muslims?

Imagine what it would be like for the world’s 2.3 billion Christians to join together and faithfully pray for the 1.9 billion Muslims in the world to find Christ. Maybe that won’t happen from this humble blog post, but if we believe that God is all-powerful, loving and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love—then, surely, we can have the hope that Christ can work in a supernatural way to make Himself known to those who are far from Him.

One of the best ways to pray for Muslims during Ramadan is to follow along with this 30 Day Prayer Guide. Otherwise, the five prayers below are an excellent way to get started.
Here’s how you can pray:

1. For Christ to be Revealed

Lord, just as you made yourself known to the Centurion in Acts chapter 10, I pray that you show yourself to Muslims around the world through dreams and visions. I know that you have done this for Muslims in the past, especially in the last few years. And I know that it is not beyond you to soften their hearts now and show them that there is only one way to find righteousness, and that’s by the transformational grace of Christ.

2. For Muslims You Already Know

Lord, thank you for calling me and saving me by grace. I pray that (NAME) will come to know you. Show him/her that you are the one true God, and that all he/she has to do is trust you and follow you. Please, give me the opportunity during Ramadan to reach out to (NAME) and speak about Christ. Allow me to be respectful while honestly representing your truth in a powerful way.

3. For Muslim Students Around the World

Lord, I want to pray for young Muslims who are attending colleges and universities around the world. As they shape their understanding of the world, may they also find Christian neighbors who can show them the love of Christ through friendship. Please allow the Holy Spirit to work through these followers of Christ so that they can boldly proclaim your name to their Muslim friends in faith, truth and love.

4. For Christ to Work Through You

Lord, please give me the opportunity to find and befriend Muslims in my community. Allow me to show them Christ’s love through friendship. I know that I am powerless to change anyone’s heart on my own, so I ask that your Spirit will work in and through me to make Christ known. Please help me speak the truth about salvation to my Muslim neighbors.

5. For Muslims Who Are Seeking

Lord, I ask that you be with those who have already received glimpses of your salvation. May you continue to work in their hearts so that they can fully accept your grace and put their hope in you. Please, Lord, protect them and give them strength to make this significant step. I know it is hard for a Muslim to leave the faith of their parents and follow you, and that comes at a great cost. Give them strength, wisdom, peace and joy as they make the most important decision of their life—the decision to follow Christ.

Will you join us in praying for Muslims during Ramadan? You can use these short prayers above, or use your own unique prayers. The important thing is that we ask the Lord to move in a significant way throughout the Muslim world.

You can also take time this month to learn about Islam and how Muslims have been coming to Christ in recent years:

–  Read how a devout Muslim came to a saving faith in Christ
–  Watch an interview with a Muslim who was nearly killed for following Jesus in Pakistan.
–  Find out how to show hospitality to Muslims in your community
–  Get a copy of the 30 Day Muslim Prayer Guide

In whatever way you move forward, my prayer is that you also grow closer in your walk with Christ as you pray for Muslims to find Jesus.


  • Lily says:

    I had a question , when do we start the prayer and for how long ? It says 5 days and then 30 days ?

    • Corum Hughes says:

      Hi Lily,
      These are just 5 examples of how you can pray for Muslims during Ramadan. Ramadan is a 30 day period that begins on Sunday, June 5, 2016.
      Haven Team

    • Danielle Morales says:

      During Ramadan, Muslims pray 5 times a day. I believe this is a beautiful practice for anyone in faith, to consciously set aside 5 times a day to connect with God. I would say that we borrow this tradition and pray these 5 prayers everyday during Ramadan.

  • Aamilah says:

    This is strange. .. we know Jesus
    We know God
    We know that the two are not the same. We believe in Jesus and follow all the prophets of God, Jesus being one of them.
    God willing you will come to believe there is ONLY ONE GOD!

    • Corum Hughes says:

      Thanks for your comment, Aamilah. We do believe in one God as He exists in the Trinity. For more on this, please visit another post on this blog: https://www.haventoday.org/blog/2014/05/04/how-i-got-the-trinity-wrong/.

    • Jasmine Sanchez says:

      I believe one God, i believe the prophet. Ive seen Jesus after his 3 days resurrection. Everyone curious what he looks like and what his like…. To be honest,deep in my heart ♥ and soul.. I did not expect at all…. I amCatholic but i respect religion.i because i believes of what our belief, throughfrom our great spirit and good heart.dgoodo things, to other and dont expect in return,. Without a doubt, blessing will come to you without your expectations… Because i believe in miracle and do good things… Many things happen in my life.. No one could ever imagined. Hope this give you a meaning and lesson through from your heart and deep down to your soul. Your understanding and listening is give you a source of knowledge… Trustbe. Dogoodthings in this humanity, understanding, patience, respect, no judgement. Be ourself, ? if you will find me. You know wherefb Jasmine Benthley. Bless you all ?

  • I thanks God Almighty for the day of today

    Happy RAMADAN in advance to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters

  • Believer says:

    During the month of Ramadan, we pray for everyone including ourselves. It is sad to think Christians would be so threatened by this. True Muslims must abide by this oath for true Christians, again, TRUE MUSLIMS for TRUE CHRISTIANS..

    An abridged version of the ashtiname is as follows:
    This is a letter which was issued by Muhammad, son of Abdullah, the Messenger, the Prophet, the Faithful, who is sent to all the people as a trust on the part of God to all His creatures, that they may have no plea against God hereafter. Verily God is Omnipotent, the Wise. This letter is directed to the embracers of Islam, as a covenant given to the followers of Jesus the Nazarene in the East and West, the far and near, the Arabs and foreigners, the known and the unknown.

    This letter contains the oath given unto them, and he who disobeys that which is therein will be considered a disbeliever and a transgressor to that whereunto he is commanded.

    Whenever Christian monks, devotees and pilgrims gather together, whether in a mountain or valley, or den, or frequented place, or plain, or church, or in houses of worship, verily we are at the back of them and shall protect them, and their properties and their morals, by Myself, by My Friends and by My Assistants, for they are of My Subjects and under My Protection.

    I shall exempt them from that which may disturb them; of the burdens which are paid by others as an oath of allegiance. Their judges should not be changed or prevented from accomplishing their offices, nor the monks disturbed in exercising their religious order, or the people of seclusion be stopped from dwelling in their cells.

    No one is allowed to plunder these Christians, or destroy or spoil any of their churches, or houses of worship, or take any of the things contained within these houses and bring it to the houses of Islam. And he who takes away anything therefrom, will be one who has corrupted the oath of God, and, in truth, disobeyed His Messenger.

    They shall not be imposed upon by anyone to undertake a journey, or to be forced to go to wars or to carry arms; for the Muslims have to fight for them. Do no dispute or argue with them, but deal according to the verse recorded in the Quran, to wit: ‘Do not dispute or argue with the People of the Book but in that which is best’ [29:46]. Thus they will live favored and protected from everything which may offend them by the Callers to religion (Islam), wherever they may be and in any place they may dwell.

    Should any Christian woman be married to a Muslim, such marriage must not take place except after her consent, and she must not be prevented from going to her church for prayer. Their churches must be honored and they must not be withheld from building churches or repairing convents.

    They must not be forced to carry arms or stones; but the Muslims must protect them and defend them against others. It is positively incumbent upon every one of the follower of Islam not to contradict or disobey this oath until the Day of Resurrection and the end of the world.

    — The Ashtiname of Muhammad[7]

  • Thania says:

    Okay so I’m Christian and I have a friend of mine who is Muslim. I’m trying to explore the Muslim religion a little more and be part of it. I just wanted to know 2 things. 1) before I do anything I want to know if trying to learn Muslim prayers and beliefs is disrespectful to Muslim people. 2) I wanted to know the prayers I have to practice during Ramadan.

    • Corum Hughes says:

      Hi Thania. It sounds like you care deeply for your friend. First, I think that learning more about the beliefs of others in our community shows respect and a desire to connect in a meaningful way. Second, the prayers we have here are tailored toward Christians praying for Muslims during Ramadan. And so you may not find what you’re looking for here. If you are wanting to pray for your friend, as well as other Muslims around the world, from a Christian perspective, the five prayers above are a great place to start. I hope this helps!

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