PART 1: Listen to Dr. John Lennox discuss the answers to difficult questions about God’s role in the coronavirus pandemic.

PART 2: Where is God in the midst of great suffering? On today’s program, hear from a nurse who witnessed a powerful picture of how the Lord can work in deeply sorrowful circumstances.

PART 3: How can we be still and know God is in control when so much seems wrong with the world around us? Charles Morris digs into Psalm 46 for answers.

PART 4: Where is God when bad things happen? One of the best places to find the Lord at work is by looking to his people, the church.

PART 5: Stephen Ko is a medical doctor who’s worked with the CDC, but he’s also a pastor seeking to point people to Jesus. Today, he joins Charles from NYC to answer your questions about vaccines and Jesus.

PART 6: What does the biblical flood have to do with our current pandemic? Hint: It’s less about judgment and more about the Lord’s faithfulness.

PART 7: To remind you how God is near to those who feel far from him, Charles Morris once again turns to Dr. John Lennox and a classic story in Genesis 28.

PART 8: Where is God when you feel alone and defeated? The people of Israel pondered this many times, only to realize that the Lord faithfully meets us in our struggle.

PART 9: Death comes for all of us. The question is, how will you live in the meantime? The words Jesus spoke ahead of his crucifixion offer profound insight into how we can live in light of death.

PART 10: Loneliness may be one of the most common afflictions people face during a pandemic. For spiritual insight on how to cope, we’re turning our attention to a veteran lone wolf … the Apostle Paul.

PART 1: Interview with Dr. John Lennox
February 1, 2021
PART 2: God Suffers With Us
February 2, 2021
PART 3: God is Our Refuge
February 3, 2021
PART 4: God Works Through People
February 4, 2021
PART 5: Vaccines & Jesus (Feat. Stephen Ko)
February 5, 2021
PART 6: God’s Judgment or Faithfulness?
February 8, 2021
PART 7: God is With You
February 9, 2021
PART 8: Where is God in the Wilderness?
February 10, 2021
PART 9: Living in Light of Death
February 11, 2021
PART 10: Coping with Loneliness
February 12, 2021




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