Part 1: What do you think of when you hear the word pilgrim? Perhaps images of Thanksgiving and Plymouth Rock come to mind? You can add yourself to that list, too, as all Christ followers are on a pilgrimage to a great destination.

Part 2: In The Pilgrim’s Progress, the main character embarks on a journey to the Celestial Kingdom, but how can he be sure he’ll make it to the end? This is a question all of us face in our journey of faith, as well.

Part 3: From children of wrath to sons of God. What happened? Adoption is the highest good offered to us by the gospel. But this important spiritual blessing is often ignored.

Part 4: The Bible says sanctification includes dying to sin, walking in newness of life, and bearing the fruit of the Spirit. But what does it mean if it feels like you’re moving in reverse?

Part 5: What waits for us beyond the door of death? Some people have very strong opinions on the subject, but the only things we know for sure are the things God has chosen to reveal to us.
The Christian Journey | Part 1
November 4, 2019
The Christian Journey | Part 2
November 5, 2019
The Christian Journey | Part 3
November 6, 2019
The Christian Journey | Part 4
November 7, 2019
The Christian Journey | Part 5
November 8, 2019



The Pilgrim’s Progress (Animated DVD)

A family-friendly, visual adaptation of the 340-year-old classic by John Bunyan.

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5 Key Takeaways From Pilgrim's Progress

Outside of the Bible, I believe Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan is the most important book that most Christians today have never read. Today, many still turn to this classic book. Even the news ...

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