Prayers of a Parent for Adult Children

Let Kathleen Nielson’s words guide your devotions as Prayers of a Parent for Adult Children tackles the challenges of marriage, parenthood, careers, aging, and more.

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Anchor Devotional – Renewal

There’s no minimum gift threshold to renew your commitment. We simply ask that you be as generous as you can each year to help us extend its blessing to others.

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Horst Fiebig on What it Means to be a Prayer Warrior

You see them in every church. You might have one in your family. You may even be one yourself. A prayer warrior is a faithful saint who lifts the needs and requests of others up to the Lord, often ser ...

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Barbara Juliani: Story of a Prodigal Daughter

Have you ever experienced the pain of watching a loved one leave the faith? Even in the most discouraging moments we can be encouraged because God is in the business of leading prodigals home. In this ...

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The Perfect Prayer

Are you like me? Does your most fervent prayer come when you are in the greatest need? Is it when you wish you were sleeping, but can’t fall asleep? Or maybe it’s when disaster hits you or your fa ...

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Paul Miller on How to Cultivate A Praying Life

Whether you pray regularly or you’re struggling to keep Christ at the center of your life, we can all benefit from a more vibrant prayer life. The problem is, the distracting world we inhabit makes ...

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