1. An eight-year old boy dug deep in his pockets to get his impoverished family something special for Christmas … only to have his gift rejected. Years later, the story comes full circle.
  2. At 31, Charles Dickens felt like his career had already peaked. Then one day he was inspired to write his most popular story about Christmas. There was just one thing missing—Jesus.
  3. God has given us a deep longing for home in our hearts. And while we spend time with family and friends this Christmas, we can look forward to our ultimate home in the presence of Jesus Christ.
  4. In 1836, cholera broke out in George and Mary Müller’s hometown, creating dozens of orphans in a short time. Realizing there was great need, the Müllers put their faith to good work.
  5. Silent night is a classic carol with a rich heritage. Written 200 years ago on a quiet winter night in post-war Austria, the song also disarmed two opposing armies on Christmas Day in WWI.
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December 9, 2019
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December 10, 2019
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