Peace Child

Peace Child is a classic true missionary drama that shows how the Gospel transformed the lives of the hard-to-reach Sawi people in Irian Jaya, New Guinea.

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50 years after Don and Carol Richardson arrived in the Sawi village where Peace Child takes place, Steve Richardson joins his father, Don, and two brothers, Shannon and Paul, to see how Christ is still at work.


A Great Commission Crisis?

When Jesus gave the Great Commission to his disciples, what do you think those young men were thinking? “Disciples of ALL nations? Is that really feasible for a bunch of outcasts like us?” What ...

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Stories of Gospel Advance in the World's Difficult Places

In America, it's easy for our faith to be lulled to sleep. We forget the beauty of grace, the loveliness of Christ, the power of the Spirit. When we're not called to stand upon the gospel, and often d ...

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The Life & Legacy of Elisabeth Elliot

Editor's Note: This post was originally published here on June 22, 2015 shortly after Elisabeth Elliot went home to be with the Lord.  Jesus can be intense. And following Him is a serious business ...

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